The young sanyasi from Bengal showed the world that India was not dead but only sleeping, he burst upon the Indian society like a bombshell to see it awakened.       Born in 1863, Narendranath Datta had a sharp intellect with a rational approach which made him doubt any belief that was in practice.     He questioned the very existence of God and was in search of a person who had actually seen God.   The search ended in Ramakrishna Paramahamsa who quenched his spiritual thirst.

After Sri Ramakrishna, he traveled extensively across India and went to the World Parliament of Religions in USA.    His first words, “brothers and sisters of America….”held the audience speechless.   He taught the world the Universal outlook.

Back in India, he began the task of rejuvenating the country with youth as the only hope.    His clarion call to the youth to work for the liberation of the country had tremendous response.    He was “a condensed India”.    To his admirers who wanted to give him a gurudakshina, he said,”Love India”.  He passed away in 1902.

As per one of the profound mystical visions of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Vivekananda was one of the seven great sages who descended to this earth. This was needed for mankind to rediscover the inherent divinity.   Ramakrishna, by his divine magical touch imparted to him the divine experience instantly. Under Narendra’s leadership, twelve of Ramakrishna’s desciples embraced monastic life with proper vows and new monastic names.
Narendra assumed names of Vividishananda, Sachchidananada and finally Vivekananda.

He first aimed at vigorously propagating true Hinduism through Vedanta and removing all the misconceptions about it deliberately spread by the mischievous and bigoted propaganda of the christian missioneries.
His next step was to arouse the Indian Nation by demolishing its superstitions, lack of self confidence and the mania of blindly imitating the west.   While reminding Indians of their past glory and greatness, he castigated them for their “kitchen and cooking pot religion” of exclusivity, and discriminative policies against the downtrodden and women. This incidentally lead to the galvanisation of Indian morale and fillip to the political freedom.

Ramakrishna Paramahamsa had predicted two things:-

That he would not live upto 40 years and that the moment he discovered who he was, he would cast off the physical body. He had in fact confided in one of his confidentes about his real self and also fixed the date for the departure after looking into the bengali panchanga!


He had a sound mind in a sound body.
He was an intellectual giant.
Oratory was his special gift.
He was an expert musician.
He had an astonishing power of meditation.
He had a child like heart which was infinitely tender towards the suffering persons.


He created Ramakrishna Mutt and mission relevant to the times.
He gave the right direction to the Independence movement.
He restored the self respect of the Indians.
He pointed out that all developments or reformations should be done through spiritual evolution in India.
He laid great stress on material development ( no religion on empty stomachs).
He disentangled Vedanta from the strangle hold of the pundits.
He generally followed Shankara’s advaitha, but made some original contributions also.
He made Vedanta practical and stressed the sadhana aspects.
Chakravarti Rajagopalachari  was right when he said, “Swami Vivekananda saved Hinduism and saved India.
But for him, we would have lost our religionand would not have gained our freedom.
We therefore owe every thing to Swami Vivekananda.”.


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