Tirunelveli tahsildar Narasimhasastry got a son on 14th March 1884 and was named as Venkataramana. He grew up to become a unique person called SWAMI BHARATHI KRISHNA TEERTHA who not only occupied the Puri and Dwaraka Shankara peetas but set new standards for preaching the vedic principles and modern science and mathematics.

He had a brilliant academic record with the first rank in the B A degree and Masters (MA) degrees in six subjects – Sanskrit, English, History, Philosophy, Mathematics and Science from the Bombay Centre of the American College of Science, Rochester, New York.

After such a brilliant student career he became a lecturer in Mathematics and Science in the Baroda College. Thereafter he became the Principal of National College in Rajamundary, Andhra Pradesh, India.

On 16th July 1919 Sri Venkatramana Saraswati was initiated into Sanyas by Shri Trivikram Teerthaji at Varanasi and since then he was called by the new name “Shri Bharati Krishna Tirtha”.

Shri Bharati Krishna Tirthaji Maharaja was a staunch follower of the Vedic Principles and was appointed as the Head of KALIKA PEETA (paschimaamnaaya Dwarkapeeta) by Shri Trivikram Tirthaji in 1921. Since then, He started the life of Shankaracharya and delivered discourses wherever he went.

In 1925 he became the Head of the poorvaamnaaya Govardhan Peeta in Puri,Orissa and was the pontiff till 1960 the year of his “Maha Samadhi”.

He was a strong nationalist and his lectures were always filled with patriotic fervour.     His principle was, “idam kshaatram idam braahmam shaapaadapi sharaadapi” and ” jnaaninaa charitam shakyam samyagraajyaadi loukikam”.   He was imprisoned after his strong lecture at Karachi.

When for the first time in India a Shankaracharya entered the court every one in the court hall including the British Judge stood up almost instantaneously (including Shri Rajendra Prasad who prostrated in the court hall itself.   He was an advocate there).      He was duly discharged even after he argued that it was his duty to encourage his disciples to revolt against the government.

He was the first Shankaracharya ever to go abroad in 1958 breaking the tradition of sanyasis not crossing the oceans.

He spoke to thousands of American students of various universities and organizations such as Stanford University, University of California , San Diego College, Vedanta Society – Hollywood, Church Of Religious Science- Los Angeles, Los Angeles City College, and American Academy of Asian Studies etc

He addressed a select group of Caltech graduate students in mathematics at California Institute of Technology. He was introduced by Mr. Wesley L.Hershey executive secretary of Caltech YMCA and thereafter Bharati Krishnaji discoursed and gave black board demonstrations. This meeting was the first in the United States in which His Holiness presented his mathematical discoveries. The talk aroused such interest that His Holiness was invited to return to the institute for further demonstrations.

In his second discourse he took up Algebra and Quadratics ; and a third discourse at Caltech Sri Sankaracharya demonstrated the application of his theories in the field of Calculus .


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