Description :
In Sanskrit language “Bhujang” stands for “Cobra” and also while practicing Bhujangasana the entire body structure looks like hooded snake that is why it is also known as “Cobra Pose”.

Health benefits :
1)   Bhujangasana benefits you for stimulating endocrine system.
2)   It increases Spine flexibility.
3)   Practicing Bhujangasana steps makes back muscles fit & fine.
4)   It toughens abdominal muscles.
5)   Bhujangasana benefits for overcoming spinal disc problems including slip disk cervical spondylosis.

Considerations :
1)   Pregnant women should avoid practicing this asana.
2)   People suffering from harmful ailments like hernia, hyperthyroidism or intestinal tuberculosis should not practice this asana.
3)   One should not perform this asana if suffering from peptic ulcers.

Step 1: –
First of all lie down on floor on stomach and feel relaxation of each & every muscles.

Step 2: –
Now keep your forehead on floor.

Step 3: –
Then place both arms & legs together near to the body and put hands beside the chest such that palm facing in downward direction.

Step 4: –
Inhale steadily to raise upper part of the body to maximum extent as much as possible same as cobra raising its hood.

Step 5: –
Avoid jerk and wrench.

Step 6: –
Now bend vertebrae gradually and feel the pressure starting from cervical, dorsal, lumbar and to the sacral area of body.

Step 7: –
Keep your chest and head such that they are pointing upwards.

Step 8: –
Remain in this posture for about 30-seconds.

Step 9: –
Now exhale steadily to place down the trunk smoothly on the ground following navel area, thorax, shoulders, chin and forehead.

Step 10: –
At early stage one can use one’s arms to raise upper part of body such that hands should remain in touch with each other.

Step 11: –
After this try to keep minimum body weight on hands by dividing it equally on spine and arms.

Step 12: –
Thumb should remain in touch with the chest close to armpit for final posture.

Step 13: –
Avoid bending of head and also the body part which leaves the ground first should also get back to it last.