KUNDALINI SHAKTI. Kundal means spiral or coil. In Kundalini Yoga, it means coiled or dormant power, so Kundalini means ‘She who is coiled; serpent power.’ She is the Shakti within’ who has recorded all your aspirations even before you were born. She wants to rise and give you a second birth called awareness. She cannot be shared with anyone else. She is your reflection of microcosmic Adi Shakti. So you are also part of the whole creation which is Shiva, the Divine Father in union with Shakti the Divine Mother.

You are what you believe yourself to be. One may recognize the Divinity in themselves and all others. Kundalini yoga belongs to the Tantra traditions which teaches ways to relate to the universe in the form of Shakti or the feminine power or energy. This is the goddess within You; the inner manifestation of the Divine Mother. Hatha Yoga Pradipika explains that highest purpose of life is to be in yoga with God, achieve self-realization.

Not all are given to constant meditation, so Hatha yoga uses asanas and meditation techniques to purify the body and learn mind-control. Thus Kundalini and Hatha yoga overlap. In Tantric tradition, Kundalini is personified as Divine Mother Shakti or Kali or other Mother Goddesses. She is the feminine power, symbolized as a coiled serpent at the base of the spine, travels up the spine to unite with the masculine power Her Consort, Lord Shiva in the seventh chakra, shasrara. Shiva-Shakti yoga is basically this symbolism where the young Gauri crawls her way up to reach her future husband, Lord Shiva.

Each and every human soul’s original trait or characteristic is peace. Before each soul comes down on the earth to take its first physical body, the soul is in a state of complete peace, residing in the soul world. In the soul world, the two faculties of the soul – the mind and intellect are complete inactive or dormant and the third faculty, the sanskara or spiritual personality is only that of eternal peace and purity and no other virtue like happiness, love or knowledge. The mind is completely silent, not creating a single thought or emotion or feeling nor possessing an attitude. The intellect which possesses the power to discriminate right thoughts, words or actions from the wrong ones does not exercise its power because there are no thoughts, words or actions in the soul world, so there is nothing there to discriminate. The sanskaras (as mentioned above) are also inactive to a certain extent – there are no thoughts, feelings, emotions, attitudes, words or actions to be created or processed, which would be based on the sanskaras or personality.

When the soul first takes a physical body on the world stage, it creates thoughts and feelings which are few in number and they are only positive and its words and actions are also limited and completely positive. Its discrimination power is active and completely accurate and its sanskaras or personality comes into an active mode but only for a positive purpose to create positive thoughts, words or actions. As a result of this, the soul experiences immense peace, but the extent of the peace is lesser than that of in the soul world, where it is completely still and experiences dead silence or peace. It is always peaceful at this stage. As the soul starts coming into the process of birth and rebirth, its starts losing its energy slowly; its mind, intellect and sanskaras start functioning negatively or incorrectly, it begins to succumb to the vices, leading to the creation of thoughts, words and actions, which are not only large in number but they are mostly waste or negative in nature. As a result, the soul gradually begins to lose its peace, which it experienced in the soul world (eternal peace) and at the start of its journey on the physical world and starts losing the peacefulness.

These are not my words. Excerpts from Vedic Scriptures.

Knowing the truth of it is an individual’s interest.


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