Adi Shankaracharya

 Shankara was born at Kaladi (SOME CLAIM THAT HE WAS BORN IN VELIANADU NEAR KALADI) in Kerala as a result of austerities and earnest prayers of his childless parents to Lord Shiva:

Shankara’s father Shivaguru and mother Aryamba were Namboodiri Brahmin couples who led a holy life performing vedic rituals ordained for a householder. However they were childless. Therefore to get a son they went to Vrishachala (Vadakkunathan) temple in Trichur to perform austerities and pray to Lord Shiva.

Lord Shiva appeared in dream to Shivaguru and granted his prayer for a son giving two options: An all-knowing but short-lived son or an ordinary son who will live long:

Pleased with the austerities and prayers of the childless couple, Lord Shiva appeared in the dream of Shivaguru and grants his prayers for a son. However Lord Shiva

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