Description :

In Sanskrit “Hala” means “plow” so that is why Halasana is also known as Plow Pose. While practicing Halasana the structure of entire body seems to be plow shape. This asana is a modified asana of Sarvangasana. Moreover Halasana benefits you in same as it was obtain by practicing Sarvangasana.

Health Benefits :

This asana tones the spinal nerves, the muscle of the back, the vertebral bones and the sympathetic nervous system that runs along the vertebral column on both sides.
Obesity and habitual or chronic constipation, gulma, congestion and enlargements of the liver and spleen are cured by this Asana.
It removes nostril blockage.
Halsana prevents the early ossification of the vertebral bones.
Various sorts of myalgia (muscular rheumatism) lumbago, sprain and neuralgia, are cured by this Asana.
It is much useful asana for those who are

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