As per Bhagavadgita ch 4, Karma means the outward actions done in the pursuit of swadharma.

Vikarma means total involvement of the mind therein.

We may bow to somebody, but that outward action is meaningless without inner humility in the mind.

There should be unity between the inner and the outer.

I may worship the image of the Lord; but that act is worthless if it is not accompanied with devotion.

In the absence of devotion, the idol will just be a piece of stone and so shall I; and the worship will only mean that a stone is facing a stone!

Desireless, selfless karmayoga is attained only when outward actions are complemented with the inward action of the purification of mind.

When vikarma is united with karma, karma attains a divine radiance.

Vikarma, combined

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